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Side Effects™

Side Effects

Over seven installments, this multimedia series explores the financial crisis of cancer and how credit unions can help.

Introduction: Learn more about the documentary series dedicated to shedding light on the financial crisis hiding in plain sight – cancer.

Act 1 – The Car Crash in the Living Room: The physical and psychological devastation of cancer is like a Chevy careening into your living room, annihilating your furniture and keepsakes and memories, before sputtering to a halt in the middle of what used to be your safe and secure home. Everything is broken. Nothing will be the same.

Act 2 – Stones + Hope: If diagnosed with cancer, what would you hope your credit union would do for you and your family?

Interlude – Lisa and BerniceTwo women battling cancer discuss how much it would help if financial institutions took the time to listen to their customers and meet them where they are in life.

Act 3 – Here Right Now: A routine stomachache turned into an emergency room visit that gave 41 year-old Elizabeth the worst news of her life.

Finale – Miles to Go: Where do we go from here? The end of this documentary must herald some transformation that proves the financial crisis of cancer matters enough for us to fix it.

Epilogue: An overheard conversation and commitment for change.

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