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Development Issues

12 barriers to financial health & well-being for credit union members, staff and communities.

The 12 Development Issues

The National Credit Union Foundation has identified 12 Development Issues that are interconnected and act as barriers to the well-being and prosperity of members and communities served by credit unions.

Once we understand these issues and their impact members’ lives, we can begin to solve for them. This process reveals a holistic approach to member and community service that can help credit unions live their difference and be more than just “another financial institution”.

Development Education is practiced globally by many organizations and industries outside of credit unions. The Foundation has modified our Development Issues to suit the needs of credit unions, but they have been curated over the years from the work of organizations like USAID and the United Nations who have established their list of Sustainable Development Goals.

Dig Deeper Into the Development Issues

Learn more about each of the Foundation’s 12 Development Issues to gain a better understanding of how they impact members’ financial lives.

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Tobi Weingart, CUDE

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Tobi leads the strategic vision that informs the Foundation’s programming, including developing and conducting signature programs like the Credit Union Development Education (DE) Program, Exploring Why™ Workshops, and other experiential, customized programming.