Financial well-being for all

Taking action: implementing your financial well-being strategy

How to launch, learn, adjust and improve.

Understand this is your everyday work

A successful financial well-being strategy is a fully-integrated one. Get inspired by these examples of holistic solutions that are part of an operationalized financial health program.

  • Holistic financial coaching

    Fully-rounded services

    Neighborhood Trust Federal Credit Union provide free financial wellness services, counseling, and a personal finance course in both English and Spanish.

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  • Home buying

    Product + education

    Dupaco’s MoneyMatch program enables home ownership through a combined education and savings account initiative for low-to-moderate income members.

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  • Life stages

    Individualized journeys

    Allegacy FCU’s interactive financial health program, Enrich, provides members with the content and education most relevant to them.

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Focus on the most vulnerable

As President and CEO of Black Hills Federal Credit Union, Roger Heacock focused on the needs of the rural and extremely under/unbanked communities he served.

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Connect with your community

Building strategic partnerships with local, mission-aligned organizations and community groups will catalyze and scale your financial well-being initiatives.

Cooperation among cooperatives

Expand and enhance your strategic vision through collaborative partnerships. Financial well-being events like CUFinHealth are a great opportunity to affect change with a financial well-being task force.

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Establishing a financial health task force guide

Encourage connectivity, dismantle silos

For a holistic financial well-being strategy to be successful, it needs to be integrated across the entire organization.

This integration can start at the very top. Patelco Credit Union reviews Mission Goals at every board meeting.

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