FinHealth Fund

FinHealth Fund

A designated fund to support financial well-being initiatives across the credit union movement.

What is the FinHealth Fund?

The FinHealth Fund was established by credit union leaders to raise $10 million over a five-year period to finance financial well-being efforts. An advisory committee oversees and approves distributions. The National Credit Union Foundation is the fiduciary of the fund.

Credit unions can transform lives by helping people improve their financial health – and the FinHealth Fund can catalyze that mission. The financial health of our nation is fragile. Credit unions can transform lives by helping people improve their financial health – and the FinHealth Fund can catalyze that mission. Join the fund’s founding contributors by supporting the cause today.

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The work

With the support of credit unions and system partners, the FinHealth Fund will capitalize a five-year program focused on three interrelated efforts:

  1. Creating a national resource library (e.g., current work, case studies, toolkits and other resources) to help credit unions embrace financial well-being for all as a strategic imperative.
  2. Providing education and upskilling for credit union employees to establish a workforce ready to passionately serve people where they are in their financial lives.
  3. Supporting industry-wide consumer research, data capture and analysis to prioritize efforts and quantify improvements to members’ financial health.

Founding Organizations

Corporate Supporters

Individual Supporters

Linda Boring, CommunityAmerica Credit Union • Kristina Carlgren, CommunityAmerica Credit Union • Roxanne Doss, CommunityAmerica Credit Union • Michael Garrett, CommunityAmerica Credit Union • Shonda Gonzales, CommunityAmerica Credit Union • Zena Weist, CommunityAmerica Credit Union • Bonnie Woolverton, CommunityAmerica Credit Union

Mike Valentine Headshot

I’ve heard Gigi say this often, and it rings so true with me – Financial well-being isn’t A thing credit unions do; it’s THE thing credit unions do. BCU provides credit union services for large employers across the nation whose workforces mirror the general population, giving us a front-row seat to where the financial needs and gaps are the greatest. Sadly, the needs are increasing, and the gaps are widening. It’s undeniable that more needs to be done to support consumer total well-being, and financial well-being is at the top of my list. I’m sure it’s at the top of yours, too. BCU is proud to contribute to the FinHealth Fund and the outstanding work of the Foundation. Please join us and pledge your commitment to improving financial health and well-being for all.”

Mike Valentine, President & CEO, BCU

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For more information on how to contribute to the designated fund

Contact André T. Parraway, Chief Financial and Operating Officer

Andre Parraway Headshot

André T. Parraway

Chief Financial and Operating Officer

André serves as the CFOO and provides executive leadership to the financial and administrative functions of the Foundation.


As a designated fund, the $10 million raised through the FinHealth Fund does not substitute or subsidize the Foundation’s need to solicit corporate support as a 501(c)(3) organization. We rely on the support of our credit union partners to catalyze change across the movement.

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