Financial well-being for all

Financial Well-being for All

Financial strategies to help credit unions grow, members and employees thrive, and communities prosper.

What is financial well-being for all?

Financial well-being for all is a system-wide effort to reframe the credit union movement’s “People helping People” philosophy into modern terms.

Our education programs, grants and events, help credit unions place financial health and wellness at the core of their strategy.

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Why is financial well-being important for credit unions?

According to the Financial Health Network, over 176 million people are financially unhealthy, and the wealth gap is widening. Credit unions were established to provide safe, affordable and relevant financial products to the underserved and overlooked. This is our mission.

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Financial health decline 2018-2022

*Financial Health Pulse 2022 Trends Report

Financial well-being: a deeper understanding

An individual’s financial wellness is unique but there is a widely accepted research-based definition. By establishing financial well-being for all as a strategic imperative, credit unions commit to understanding their members as individuals, uncovering their needs, and providing solutions that provide the most holistic, long-term benefit.

Get inspired: See how even the largest credit unions can prioritize individual members’ financial well-being.

What can credit unions do about it?

With an integrated financial well-being strategy, credit unions can respond to the needs of their communities. Follow these three steps to get started.

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    Measure: Know your people

    To improve financial well-being, you need to uncover where your members and employees are in their own financial wellness journey.

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    Take Action: Build your strategy

    Discover how other credit unions have placed financial well-being for all at the heart of their strategy.

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    Connect: Financial well-being and your community

    With an established strategy, you can strengthen your community and support the broader credit union system.

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Presentation Resources

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