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CUAid Disaster Recovery App

Help your credit union prepare, connect & share resources when faced with natural disasters.

What is it?

It’s critical to plan for a natural disaster before it happens, and the Foundation is here to help you do just that. Improve business resiliency in the face of a natural disaster and connect to share needed resources with other organizations through our new CUAid Disaster Recovery App.

We are hopeful this app will change the way your organization responds to natural disasters and allows you to quickly get services back up and running to serve members. View a recorded training webinar here.

After downloading the app, it is critical that the PREPARE section is completed. The PREPARE section helps your organization to strengthen their disaster preparedness & provides content for credit unions to CONNECT and share critically needed resources. Complete the PREPARE section today to harness the full power of the app!

More Information on the CUAid App