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Focusing on low-income financial well-being as a growth strategy

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Couple working with credit union employee on financial plan

The National Credit Union Foundation partnered with Astera Credit Union to share how they placed financial well-being for low-income members at the heart of their strategy—and grew as a result.

Video 1: Getting grounded in financial health

When President/CEO Martin Carter came to Astera Credit Union in Lansing, Michigan, he had a big job on his hands. The community had never fully recovered from losing three of the city’s five auto plants—and the stable, good-paying jobs that went with them. He found a way to identify and support those who truly needed it, and grew as a result. Copyright National Credit Union Foundation. All rights reserved.

Asset 1: Placing low-income financial health at the heart of your strategy

Discover how Astera Credit Union placed the financial health of low-income communities at the heart of their strategy, and have a long-term growth vision because of it.

For more information: read the accompanying article.

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