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Start at Home panel webinar

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Start at Home webinar

Leaders from Alabama Credit Union, Credit Human, Educational Employees Credit Union and research partners at Duke University’s Common Cents Lab and the University of Southern California discuss the Foundation’s Start at Home grant program.

This webinar shares key data and insights from a 20-month study conducted by the Foundation, that shows statistically significant improvements can be made to employees’ savings behaviors and subjective financial well-being through interventions as simple as a prompting email.

Watch the webinar.


Mariel Beasley
Co-Founder, Common Cents Lab
Principal, Center for Advanced Hindsight, Duke University

Jeremy Burke
Senior Economist, USC Center for Economic and Social Research (CESR)
Director, CESR East
Director, USC Behavioral Economics Studio

Ted Coy
Director of Innovation
Alabama Credit Union

Evelyn Fedako
Chief Governance Officer
Credit Human

Mike Jones
Director of Member Research and Analytics
Educational Employees Credit Union

Michelle Bonner
Senior Manager, Financial Inclusion and Impact
National Credit Union Foundation (host)

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