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Impact through inclusion: the 2022 Herb Wegner Memorial Award winners

2022 Herb Wegner Memorial Award winners

The 33rd annual Herb Wegner Memorial Awards highlighted a range of individual and organizational achievements in the credit union industry, all of which showed the long-term, positive impact that can be achieved through intentional inclusion. The following content can be used to inspire current and future credit union leaders to seek understanding, connections and opportunities to improve financial well-being for all.

Lucy Ito | Retired President & CEO, NASCUS

Lucy Ito spent over 30 years serving the credit union movement before retiring in 2022. She led development projects across the world, including a partnership with the government of Uzbekistan, which laid the groundwork to introduce their first credit unions. Learn more about Lucy’s storied career.

Roger Heacock | Retired President & CEO, Black Hills Federal Credit Union

Roger Heacock spent his 45-year career championing greater access to financial products and services across rural and extremely under/unbanked communities, including the Native populations across South Dakota. Learn more about the impact Roger’s leadership made.

Faith-Based Credit Union Alliance

Chicago’s Faith Based Credit Union Alliance (FBCUA) is comprised of 10 institutions that serve the city’s communities of color and provide safe, reliable and affordable financial products and services. Nearly 200 volunteers and just a handful of employees work tirelessly to improve their members’ financial lives. See their impact.

African-American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC)

As the nation reeled from George Floyd’s murder and saw the revitalization of the Black Lives Matter civil rights movement; in the middle of a pandemic impacting communities of color, women and young people at a disproportional rate; with political division reaching boiling point – the AACUC was a unifier. The organization was honored with an Anchor Award during the Herb Wegner Memorial Award ceremony. See their impact.

Learn more about the Herb Wegner Memorial Awards.

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