Foundation Field Notes

Foundation Field Notes

In this series, the National Credit Union Foundation’s Executive Director, Gigi Hyland, meets with leaders across the credit union movement to explore how we can improve financial well-being for all. […] Read More »

Exploring Our Values

Exploring Our Values online learning

Values are what guide us to make good business decisions in the best interest of our members, our employees, and organizations. The Exploring Our Values learning resource helps you reflect on […] Read More »

Empathy Resource

Putting empathy into action

The National Credit Union Foundation provides system-leading training and workshops to help credit unions infuse empathy into their business practices. This handy printout provides five tips to help practice empathy […] Read More »

Development Issues

Development issues handout

The National Credit Union Foundation has identified 12 Development Issues that are interconnected and act as barriers to the well-being and prosperity of members and communities served by credit unions. Savings Credit […] Read More »

Cooperative Principles

Cooperative Principles slide deck

The National Credit Union Foundation has created some adaptable slides to support credit union partners and their ability to present on the eight Cooperative Principles. Download the slides.