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Credit Union Philanthropy & Foundation Toolkit

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Credit union volunteers

This credit union philanthropy and foundation toolkit is for credit union executives, boards and staff. It contains information and resources credit union professionals and volunteers will find useful when considering charitable and outreach activities, operating or starting their own foundation, and more.

Credit union staff tasked with managing charitable activities, organizing community outreach, making decisions relating to their own credit union foundation, or looking at starting a foundation will benefit from this toolkit. It’s also designed for credit union executives and boards to align the credit union’s philanthropic activities and ensure a good fit with their mission and vision.

The toolkit covers:

  • The credit union system’s philanthropic arms
  • The basics of credit union philanthropy
  • Taking a strategic approach to philanthropy
  • Make strategic philanthropy happen
  • Who are your members and who is your community?
  • Strategies for structuring credit union philanthropy
  • Starting your own credit union foundation
  • How credit unions can fund philanthropic activities
  • Conclusion
  • Credit union philanthropy examples

Download the full Credit Union Philanthropy & Foundation Toolkit.

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