Credit Union Development Education (CUDE) Program

Transformative Credit Union Training Program for Credit Union Professionals

The Foundation's unique CUDE Training provides critical lessons in cooperative principles, credit union philosophy and international development issues while incorporating challenges credit unions face today.

Every year, people from all parts of the world become certified as Credit Union Development Educators (CUDEs). These individuals commit volunteer and professional time to take the credit union message to audiences throughout the world. In addition to promoting the credit union ideal, continuing involvement in the CUDE program provides CUDEs with an excellent opportunity for career development and personal enrichment.

Becoming a CUDE is a commitment -- a very rewarding one. Staff and volunteers alike can benefit from participation in this innovative learning experience and joining the proud ranks of CUDEs around the world.

2019 CUDE Training Dates: SAVE THE DATE!

April 2019 Training
April 3 -10, 2019 - Madison, WI
May 2019 Training
May 15-22, 2019 - Madison, WI
September 2019 Training
September 11-18, 2019 - Madison, WI
November 2019 Training
November 6-13, 2019 - Madison, WI

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