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Foundation Field Notes

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Foundation Field Notes

In this series, the National Credit Union Foundation’s Executive Director, Gigi Hyland, meets with leaders across the credit union movement to explore how we can improve financial well-being for all.

Episode 1: Erin Mendez, President/CEO, Patelco Credit Union

Discussions on keeping employees and board on-mission during challenging times.

Episode 2: Susanne Biro of Syntrina Leadership and Lisa Hayes of Through-the-Hayes

Susanne Biro, Master Coach & Co-Founder at Syntrina Leadership, and Lisa Hayes, Leadership Coach & Facilitator at Through-the-Hayes, discuss leadership.

Episode 3: Jonathan Walker, Executive Director for Elevate’s Center for the New Middle Class

Jonathan dives into research trends/insights around the non-prime consumer and how credit unions can help their members – both prime & non-prime.

Episode 4: Jennifer McHugh, VP of Community Engagement, Royal Credit Union 

Discussing their financial education program for incarcerated individuals and the impact of credit scores/reports, ways to pay down debt, identify predatory lending behaviors, and more.

Episode 5: Linda Fales, Community Development Officer, Suncoast Credit Union

Discussions on Suncoast’s employee resource center that provides assistance and items to employees in need.

Episode 6: Kemal Gasper, @Work Program Manager, VyStar Credit Union

Learn how VyStar’s @Work program helps underserved individuals set up checking accounts and direct deposit.

Episode 7: Mike Reuter, Executive Director of the Worldwide Foundation

Discussions on how to connect credit unions across the world to solve challenges they are facing.

Episode 8: Jeff Chen, VP of Product Management, Alkami Technology

How financial wellness can be embedded into digital banking to help both members and credit unions in the long run.

Episode 9: Justine Zinkin, CEO, Neighborhood Financial Trust Partners

Focusing on the impact of data on financial coaching.

Episode 10: Larry Middleman of CU Business Group and Mark Ritter of MBFS

Larry Middleman, President/CEO of CU Business Group, and Mark Ritter, CEO of MBFS, discuss how to advance member financial well-being through small business lending.

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