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Visa: Bridging the Gap to Financial Inclusion

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In a rapidly evolving world where digital transactions have become an integral part of our daily lives, Visa shines as a guiding light, connecting individuals, businesses, and economies across the globe. However, beyond its role as a global payments’ leader, Visa’s purpose transcends everyday transactions—it is about fostering a sense of belonging, financial empowerment, and a focus on building financial well-being for all.

Visa’s purpose is to uplift everyone, everywhere by being the best way to pay and be paid. They believe that economies that uplift everyone everywhere and see access as foundational to the future of the money movement.

Their journey is guided by a belief that every individual deserves the opportunity to thrive. With operations spanning over 200 countries and territories, and a deep understanding of the diverse needs of communities worldwide, they are committed to providing financial access and inclusivity for everyone.

Visa provides funding to leading nonprofits as well as credit unions to find innovative ways to reach people who are excluded from the financial ecosystem. While access to financial services is critical, continued support and strategic education is the difference between financial inclusion and lasting financial well-being.

The tools and programs to support these efforts – such as their financial education and inclusion programs – are the intersection between the National Credit Union Foundation and Visa.

Visa believes in investing in the people who drive change within their communities. Through mentorship programs and partnerships with credit unions, they support emerging leaders in the financial industry, nurturing their potential and helping them realize their aspirations.

Visa has been the presenting sponsor of the Foundation Dinner Presenting the Herb Wegner Memorial Awards since 2018. This event celebrates the true purpose of the credit union movement and those who work tirelessly to support it. It provides an opportunity to hear their stories, feel their passion, and gather ideas as to how our organizations can continue to partner together to serve the credit union community.

Together, we can build a future where kindness, compassion, and financial empowerment are accessible to all, regardless of where people are or where they come from.


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