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Three key takeaways from the Foundation’s Start at Home grant report

Start at Home

The results of a recent National Credit Union Foundation (the Foundation) research grant are in—and they’re exciting.

Launched in mid-2020, our Start at Home grant project asked a relatively simple question: if credit unions sent prompting emails that encouraged employees to split their paycheck—i.e., send part of their earnings directly to savings—could it help establish positive savings behaviors?

The grant afforded research leaders at Duke University’s Common Cents Lab and the University of Southern California to design the study and oversee data collection and analyses across three credit unions: Alabama Credit Union (ACU), Credit Human, and Educational Employees Credit Union (EECU).

In a recent webinar, the participating credit unions each confirmed their commitment to either continue or expand the project. Here are three key takeaways to inspire you to take similar action:

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