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Prepare, Connect & Report Disaster Through CUAid

Prepare Your Credit Union for Tomorrow! Register with the CUAid Disaster Recovery Portal Today

At the heart of the credit union movement are the Cooperative Principles, which encourage credit unions to place value on “Cooperation Among Cooperatives”, among seven other principles. Credit unions serve their members most effectively and strengthen the cooperative principles when we work with other cooperatives through local, state, regional, national and international structures. Through CUAid Disaster Relief Resources, credit unions and our movement can do just that.

The Foundation’s CUAid program has long been designed to harness the collective generosity of the credit union system to provide grant assistance in the wake of natural disasters. By extending the reach of CUAid through disaster relief resources like the CUAid Disaster Recovery Portal, credit unions and their partners can be more prepared than ever to respond quickly when disaster strikes.

Through our Disaster Recovery Portal, your organization can help your credit union do 4 things:

  1. Prepare – Evaluate and strengthen your internal recovery plans and join our database of available resources to share with others. The power of the app lies within the PREPARE section, which not only helps your organization to strengthen their internal disaster preparedness, but also provides the database with resources for connections that could provide critically needed resources to another credit union in the event of a natural disaster.
  2. Report – Quickly notify the National Credit Union Foundation in the event of a disaster when you need help.
  3. Connect – Share or receive needed resources in times of disaster such as generators, mobile branches, etc.
  4. Donate – Donate to CUAid to help other credit unions in need.

Visit cuaid.ncuf.coop to create your organization’s disaster recovery profile and prepare, report, and connect today.

Access the CUAid Disaster Recovery Portal

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