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DE Workshop postponed

Refugee tents

The National Credit Union Foundation and GECU have agreed to postpone the DE Workshop which was scheduled for Oct 11-14 in El Paso, Texas. GECU – headquartered in El Paso – was designated as the host organization for this event.

Over the past week, El Paso has experienced an unprecedented surge of Venezuelan migrants due to the country’s crippling economic freefall and political crisis. Usually, the El Paso community is able to manage the inflow of people coming across the border thanks to a system of nonprofits, shelters and other organizations that offer support to migrants. However, the increase has overloaded their system and forced hundreds of migrants to take shelter in the streets of El Paso without access to food, sanitation and other basic needs.

Experts in the El Paso area anticipate that this influx of migrants will continue. Our DE Workshop relied on learning and visiting with community partners in El Paso, who now must divert their attention to addressing what can be considered a humanitarian crisis. This includes GECU and their team who are deeply committed to understanding and meeting the needs of their community. We are awaiting further information to understand what opportunities might exist to provide support to the El Paso community.

For now, we are refunding DE Workshop registrations and will look to reschedule this DE Workshop in El Paso at a date to be determined in 2023.

In cooperation,

Chad Helminak
Chief Impact Officer
National Credit Union Foundation

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