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Connect: Financial Well-being & Your Community

Integrate financial well-being further into everything you do by connecting to the needs of your community.

iconYou’ve measured. You’ve built your strategy. You’ve taken action.

What else should you consider?

There are ways to continue improving & advancing your involvement and integration of financial well-being into your community by considering how everything is connected:

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It’s all Connected

Dive deeper into some of additional aspects to financial well-being that you explore as you continue along your journey.

  • development issues

    Development Issues

    The Foundation has identified 12 Development Issues that are interconnected and act as barriers to the well-being and prosperity of members and communities served by credit unions.

    Dive into the Development Issues

  • hands holding heart

    Empathy & Values

    Empathy is in our DNA as credit unions and has been at the heart of our business since day one. Values are what guide us to make good business decisions, especially when it comes to the financial well-being of our communities.

    Explore empathy resources

  • side effects

    Health & Wealth

    Health and wealth are intrinsically linked – explore more on why this is so important to understand when it comes to enhancing community well-being.

    Side Effects Project
    the financial crisis of cancer hiding in plain sight

  • fintech_connected


    Technology does and will continue to play a big role in meeting members where they are in life. The Foundation collaborated with Members Development Company to examine the intersection of fintech and financial well-being.

    Learn about 5G technology, AR/VR and AI

  • man holding head looking at disaster

    Disaster Relief

    When our communities are impacted by a natural disaster, it can have drastic impacts on peoples’ financial well-being. Learn more about the Foundation’s work in disaster relief and how you can improve business resiliency to better serve your communities.

    Learn about disaster relief