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Biz Kid$

Leading the charge to empower the next generation to care about their financial futures.

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Helping Kids Take Charge of Their Financial Lives

Biz Kid$ excites the next generation of credit union members about their financial future through lessons in entrepreneurship, investments, money management and more.

The program includes an Emmy award-winning television series, free classroom curriculum, outreach activities, and a website targeting kids 9 – 16 years old.

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Biz Kid$ Reach

Biz Kid$ has made an incredible impact upon not only the credit union movement but millions of Americans across the nation.

  • Over

    parents, educators, and students have been reached by Biz Kid$ through education outreach projects.

  • Has won

    Emmy Awards and 2 Parent’s Choice Gold Awards.

  • Each year

    people tune in to watch and learn from the Biz Kid$ educational TV series.

How Biz Kid$ Changes Lives

How the credit union funded program is changing the financial futures of the next generation.

Biz Kid$ Includes

  • An Emmy Award-winning television series

    6 upbeat seasons of edu-tainment television available on DVDs, YouTube or streaming via Amazon Prime.

    Learn more about the TV series

  • Free classroom curriculum & outreach activities

    Each episode comes with free classroom activities, lesson plans and are mapped to individual state standards.

    Learn more about the activities

  • Resource filled interactive website

    Engaging financial education games, blog and toolkits to keep kids engaged in learning and the conversation around Biz Kid$.

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Cultivate the Next Generation of Biz Kid$

Want to get started using Biz Kid$ but not sure how? The Foundation is here to help with tangible examples and ideas from previous grantees who have done incredible work using the program:

  • Biz Kid$ winners

    Entrepreneurship contests

    Using the Biz Kid$ lesson plans and episodes, your organization can arm middle school students with the knowledge and tools to become creators of their own businesses. Read more about the most recent Biz Kid$ showcase here.

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    Partner with Boys & Girls Club

    A great opportunity for your organization is to partner with a local Boys & Girls Club to utilize the Biz Kid$ lesson plans to teach them about money and managing finances.

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    Teacher training workshops

    Biz Kid$ is a great tool for teachers to use in the classroom to meet the state Economic and Personal Finance Standards of Learning.

Biz Kid$ Faith Guerrero

I think that the Biz Kid$ competition teaches students real-world skills by taking a break from the standard textbook curriculum and showcases real-world scenarios. The competition very much so sparked my interest in business. I’ve always been an organized person, so the careful planning that comes with creating a business plan was like second nature to me. I’m glad that there is a career path available that suits my interests.

Faith Guerrero, past participant of a Biz Kid$ Entrepreneurship Contest

Add Biz Kid$ to Your Community Outreach Initiatives

Looking for a way to further connect with your community while making the connection to financial health and your credit union?

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