Foundation Approves 16 Biz Kid$ Financial Education Grants

The National Credit Union Foundation’s (the Foundation) board of directors has approved 16 new Biz Kid$ financial education grants for 2015, totaling $78,000. These grants are distributed to encourage the credit union movement to use Biz Kid$ and its curriculum to build students financial literacy and economic education skills.

Biz Kid$ is the credit union funded public television series that teaches kids about money management and entrepreneurship.

Wrap-up of the Foundation's "Back to School" Twitter Chat

As children across America head back to school, the National Credit Union Foundation hosted a Twitter chat to discuss how credit unions positively impact K-12 schools in their area.

“Credit unions across the country are busy right now prepping multiple outreach activities for the upcoming school year,” said Christopher Morris, Foundation Director of Communications. “Whether it be backpack drives, managing an in-school branch, or preparing financial education activities, credit unions do a lot to benefit their area schools. The end result is improved youth financial literacy and well-being, which is why the Foundation was excited to host this forum for idea sharing around credit unions’ school activities.”

On the Blog: DE Training Changed My Life

From Christopher Morris - 10 years ago this month, Credit Union Development Education (DE) Training changed my life. You hear testimonials and reflections like that quite often about the unique training from people who have experienced it (CUDEs), but let me assure you, it’s true. Let me explain.

It was 2005. I had just moved to Madison, Wisconsin with my wife and daughter from Chicago. We loved Madison and moved here without a job. We were going to make it work somehow, someway. My background was in teaching high school English, so surely I could find a job anywhere right? Wrong.