Biz Kid$: Credit Union-Sponsored TV Series

Helping Kids Make and Manage Money

Biz Kid$: A financial literacy initiative that includes an award winning TV series, free classroom curriculum, outreach activities, a website and a social media presence targeting children 9 – 16 years old.

National Credit Union Foundation: Responsible for fundraising, outreach and administrative responsibilities for Biz Kid$. The Foundation's involvement solidifies the commitment that America’s credit unions have to educating our youth in the skills necessary to be financially literate.

Since the series launch, Biz Kid$ has been broadcast to more than:
  • 271 million people
  • 98% of the country
  • 338 public television stations

Of all APT children's programs currently on the air, Biz Kid$ has the largest national market penetration in the United States. When compared to children’s programs of a similar target demographic, Biz Kid$ has more viewers, a larger number of broadcasts, and a higher metered market count. Click here for more information about Biz Kid$.

What is Biz Kid$? Watch the video promo: