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NCUA’s new charitable investment rule grants a federal credit union expanded investment powers to fund charitable contributions. Learn how your credit union could have contributed 5 times more to the National Credit Union Foundation while also earning an investment return 5 times more than the traditional MTC CD CIF investments.

NCUA’s newly created Charitable Donation Account rule does just that and is truly a win-win for the credit union industry. Join us for an upcoming free, short webinar to learn more.

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NCUF Approves Biz Kid$ Education Grants to Build Youth Financial Literacy Skills

The National Credit Union Foundation’s (NCUF) board of directors has approved seven new Biz Kid$ grants for 2014. The new grants engage the credit union movement in using Biz Kid$ and its curriculum to build students financial literacy and economic education skills.

In a keynote speech given in June during a Pensions & Investments conference, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said “If our young people aren’t financially literate, we are part of the problem, not part of the solution.” Credit unions have stepped in to become part of the solution through Biz Kid$, the credit union funded public television series that teaches kids about money management and entrepreneurship. The Biz Kid$ education grants support credit unions and state foundations in their efforts to extend the reach of the award-winning financial literacy series beyond the television set into communities across the country.
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Maps CU Partners w/University & Provides Financial Ed Tools to Teachers of Tomorrow

Maps Credit Union (Maps CU) partnered with Western Oregon University (WOU) to provide tomorrow’s elementary school teachers in Oregon with the necessary tools to teach financial literacy in the classroom, equipping them with basic skills and access to Biz Kid$ programs. By integrating Biz Kid$ into WOU’s college-level elementary education coursework, the initiative reached over 125 future teachers last year. Maps CU received Biz Kid$ Financial Education Grants from National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) to help fund this initiative.

“Maps’ program is not only impacting current students of WOU, but as these students incorporate Biz Kid$ into their teaching experiences, it will touch countless elementary school students as well,” said Danielle Brown, Director of Development & Donor Relations for NCUF.
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CUNA Councils Celebrates 6,000 Member Milestone

CUNA Councils is proud to announce that it has reached its 6,000 member milestone. The Councils will mark the occasion with a celebration and nationwide prize giveaway.

The campaign to celebrate reaching 6,000 members runs through August 29th. There are six ways to enter and six prizes, including a Grand Prize valued at up to $2670! In the spirit of paying it forward, for each new member who joins by August 29th, the Councils are donating $6 to the National Credit Union Foundation.
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VIDEO: Government Interventions and Innovations - How Public Policy Fosters Savings From Youth to Retirement

The following video is from the recent America Saves National Savings Forum, where NCUF Executive Director Gigi Hyland moderated a panel on Government Interventions and Innovations.

Government at all levels can play a critical role in fostering savings. Through initiatives, innovations, online resources, and communications, government professionals can bring together and leverage the strengths of multiple savings initiatives that otherwise may not be connected. Government can serve as a clearinghouse for best practices in fostering savings across demographics and has the ability to respond to inconsistent policies that inadvertently serve to discourage savings. The panel of experts will share their opinions about the one action government can take to foster savings at all ages.

NCUF Makes More “Money Rules” Books Available

Copies of the book “Money Rules: The Simple Path to Lifelong Security” by bestselling personal finance author Jean Chatzky are available again from the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF). Last year, over 100,000 copies of the book were distributed to credit union members and employees through this special initiative from NCUF.

“Money Rules” by bestselling personal finance author Jean Chatzky contains a set of smart, actionable, engaging rules that, if followed, will allow readers to enjoy a lifetime of financial security and eliminate their stress about money.
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1st Africa Development Education (DE) Training Takes Place

The first Africa Credit Union Development Education (DE) program was held recently in Nairobi, Kenya. The Africa DE program was organized by the African Confederation of Cooperatives Savings and Credit Associations (ACCOSCA) in partnership with the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF), along with the World Council of Credit Unions and National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA), with the aim of instilling the cooperative values among the leaders in the African credit union system.

The Africa DE program was inspired and co-created by four African graduates of NCUF’s DE Training in the last few years (otherwise known as CUDEs). The program was primarily convened and led by George Ombado from ACCOSCA in Kenya with assistance from Victor Botha from the Sibanye Cape SACCO Ltd in South Africa, Sylvester Kadzola from the Malawi Union of Savings & Credit Cooperatives in Malawi, and Elkanah Odembo from the World Council of Credit Unions in Kenya.
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CUNA Training Raises $5,000 for NCUF Charity Efforts

CUNACUNA is proud to announce a donation of $5,000 to the charitable efforts of the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF). This donation was assembled by credit unions nationwide through participation in CUNA training courses during the month of April.

“Continuing education and training for credit union professionals is so important. I want to thank each and every credit union who participated in training this April as part of the 'Pay it Forward' campaign,” said Gigi Hyland, NCUF Executive Director. “Your hard work and dedication will go a long way in helping NCUF and state credit union foundations improve people's financial lives.”
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Charitable Donation Accounts Balance Giving, Investing

Click to view brochureFrom the Credit Union Times - Charitable giving by credit unions is nothing new, but the investment aspect of such accounts had caused regulators to wonder if the funds were being used for their intended purposes.

The NCUA board approved a new rule in December 2013 that offers protections against those concerns by allowing federal credit unions to fund hybrid charitable and investment vehicles designated as charitable donation accounts under certain conditions.
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100% of CMN Hospitals Receive Biz Kid$ DVDs from NCUF & CU4Kids Joint Initiative

Based on the generosity of credit union organizations, all 158 Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospitals in the United States have been provided with entertaining financial education videos through the Emmy Award-winning TV show Biz Kid$. This is the result of a recent partnership between the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) and Credit Union for Kids (CU4Kids) to enhance the financial education opportunities for patients and families at CMN Hospitals.

Over the past three months, leagues, state credit union foundations, chapters and credit unions alike donated box sets of Biz Kid$ to their local CMN Hospital with CO-OP Financial Services underwriting half the cost. Biz Kid$ is the credit union funded public television series that teaches kids about money management and entrepreneurship.
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