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Through partnership, credit unions will thrive

Foundation Executive Director Gigi Hyland headshot

By: Gigi Hyland, Foundation Executive Director

If you’ve met me, virtually or otherwise, you’ll know I’m an avid birder. It’s a passion that provides much-needed balance to my life: the restorative calm of nature versus the catalytic change agency of the National Credit Union Foundation (the Foundation).

Understandably then, spring is an exciting time. From my Virginia home, I am treated to skies full of birds, returning north for the warmer months.

I don’t need to say much more than that, do I? You can picture it. The flock of geese in a perfect V. The stunning murmuration of starlings. A collective, moving as one, toward a common goal.

That, my friends, is how I feel about the credit union movement right now.

For many years, the Foundation has worked to position financial well-being as a key strategic driver for credit unions. And over the last few months in particular, every conversation with credit unions and system partners has aligned to that work.

Like the birds outside my window, our collective is moving as one toward a common goal: improving financial well-being for all.

We are witnessing the high-water mark of this journey. To maintain momentum, we need every credit union to get involved. So whether you’re already on the journey or just starting out, here are three ways the Foundation can help:

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