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Supercharging your top talent in 2023

Group of employees sitting around table collaborating

Credit unions were established to ensure everyone has access to safe, affordable financial services. Today, more than 176 million people in America are financially unhealthy, and all signs point to the reality that many of our members, employees and people in our community are concerned about their short and long-term ability to be financially healthy.

For credit unions, this is an urgent call to action to rally around our mission to improve the financial well-being of those we serve – and those we seek to serve. We communicate and carry that mission in different ways, but it boils down to the idea that all credit unions are here to serve people and not profit.

That powerful idea resonates with many people and structures throughout our credit union system because we have stoked that fire over time and with intention. While we seek out opportunities to train and grow talent in-house, we cannot ignore the opportunity to amplify our learning and solve big problems through cooperation.

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