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Reinforcing Our Values and Building Self-Respect


The past couple of years have been a rollercoaster in both our personal and professional lives. To help credit union leaders navigate these tough times – and help our colleagues do the same – the Foundation recently hosted an event that provided sessions and activities around the idea that in order to take care of others, we must take care of ourselves first. And this includes reflecting on our values and building self-respect. 

Each year, the Foundation hosts a DE Workshop which brings DE Alumni together for continuing education and networkingThe pandemic forced us to cancel the event which was scheduled to be held in Los Angeles, so we transitioned our two-day event to virtual 

DEs joined the Foundation for their first-ever virtual DE Workshop focused on serving others and ourselves. With the help of acclaimed speaker and authorDrew Dudleyworkshop attendees participated in interactive keynotessmall breakouts, and activities that helped them connect and learn from their fellow DEs. 

On Day 1, we focused on “Serving Others”. With a focus on leveraging values, participants spent the day making a greater connection to not only their own values but also the values of credit unions. With things changing on a constant basis, it is especially important to understand our values and how to put them into action. Day 1 also focused on creating leadership moments for the people around us. Participants worked together to gain a better understanding of how to empower others to embrace leadership no matter their role or daily responsibilities. 

On Day 2, we focused on “Serving Ourselves”. In a time where we are all focused on helping others, we cannot forget how important it is to also take care of ourselves. We should all take time to place value on our mental health and practice self-respect each day. Day 2 saw participants go through an activity based on self-respect and empathy. By thinking about what we need to focus on more as individuals in order to not only be there for others but also for ourselves, we can further put empathy into action. Participants finished DE Workshop with lessons they could benefit from personally, at home, and with their teams at work.  

Thank you to everyone who participated in DE Workshop and helped bring life to the Foundation’s work in empathy.If you are interested in learning more about the lessons covered during DE Workshop or accessing the participant resources, please contact Maggie Wolff at [email protected].  

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