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Judy DeLucca: 2024 Herb Wegner Memorial Award Winner

Judy DeLucca Outstanding Individual Achievement Award Winner

For more than 40 years, Judy DeLucca has been moving people forward toward their goals. From the dedicated staff of New Orleans Firefighter’s Federal Credit Union (NOFFCU) who thrive under her leadership to the partners she’s connected to help combat predatory lending, to the members of the credit union and community who struggle to find their financial footing, Judy and her team have been there to answer the call. 

Judy’s core belief in financial inclusion for all hasn’t just inspired the people around her. It has been a catalyst for initiatives that are improving lives in Louisiana and Mississippi every single day.

As the CEO of a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), she has paved the way for more than 50% of the credit union staff to become Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors and the formation of a Financial Inclusion Team. The one-on-one counseling and innovative solutions they provide make all the difference in their members feeling seen, heard, and supported in their financial goals.

In the words of Captain Clinton deArmas Sr., a member of NOFFCU, “Ms. Judy plays a huge role in how employees handle themselves with their members, and also cares on how her employees are treated. It’s all a big family. That’s what separates NOFFCU from any other Credit Union and/or Bank.”

Judy has also tirelessly advocated for the underserved outside the credit union’s walls. When she and other leaders were unable to persuade the Louisiana legislature to impose a mandatory cap on payday lending, she and other partners formed the Faith Fund, a a501c3 non-profit to help families manage their money, escape predatory lending, and achieve financial stability. Since the Faith Fund’s founding, it has saved Louisiana families an estimated $13.7 Million that would have been spent on payday loan fees and interest.

When disaster has threatened NOFFCU and its members, Judy’s compassion for people and expertise in disaster preparedness have shown. Hurricane Katrina displaced more than one-third of credit union employees and thousands of members. Not only did Judy lead the effort to convert branches into living quarters with washers, dryers, and stoves, but she also helped employees find hotels in Texas and set them up to work remotely so they could continue to support the many members who had also been forced out of their homes. She also worked with the Cornerstone League to ensure that members could have access to their money even through power failures and core system outages.

Determined to provide members with the right resources at the right times, Judy mobilized NOFFCU’s “Financial First Responders.” This cross-departmental team was well prepared to help members navigate difficult times like Hurricane Ida, the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the financial impact they bring.

“Throughout the unprecedented situations over the past two years, Judy has ensured that all the communities would have the resources they need to weather the financial burdens that were yet to be determined.”, says Amy Rodriguez, NOFFCU Chief Experience officer.

Throughout her career in the credit union industry, Judy DeLucca has been a leader who cares deeply about reaching people from all walks of life, showing them compassion, and helping to lead them toward financial independence. She’s been recognized with local, state, and national accolades for her work, and it pleases us immensely to honor her this year with the Herb Wegner Memorial Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement.

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