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Join the CU DEI Collective Today

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Almost two years ago, the Credit Union system came together to form the CU DEI Collective, an organization devoted to advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in our industry.  As April is Diversity Awareness month, it is important to reflect upon why the Collective was formed and provide an update on where the organization is today. The underlying belief of the CU DEI Collective is that diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental to a vibrant, relevant, and growing Credit Union Movement. DEI is also good business and investing in it will result in more people finding a place where belonging means financial wellbeing.

The Collective’s commitment to honor and advance the 8th cooperative principle continues to strengthen with each organization that signs our Pledge to support this effort. As the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death approaches, the Collective is firmly committed to stand against racism and other forms of oppression. The Collective is also devoted to understanding and addressing the root causes of problems facing our communities, especially when our cooperative business model promotes belonging and inclusion as a central component of our cooperative principles.

Today, the Collective is pleased to be launching its updated website as one of the first steps to together create awareness and invite our credit union family to join in. This collaborative effort is truly just the first attempt to build a robust collection of DEI resources and opportunities available to all members and supporters of the credit union family. The intent of the website is to create a space where we can act together, as a system, to advance DEI. It will be a space to share various perspectives, learn by being curious, and encourage action towards creating credit unions that value diversity and strive for creating a deep sense of belonging. Please click on cuDEIcollective.org to visit the new site.

Finally, a call to action.  You are encouraged to take a few moments to complete the DEI Practices Survey conducted by Filene Research Institute. The survey will provide much-needed, meaningful benchmark DEI data specific to the credit union space.

DEI is a long and winding journey with no clear finish line. Join the CU DEI Collective in this transformational work!

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