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Are you leaving an indelible mark on your members?

Young family meeting with credit union advisor

What a privilege it was to attend my second Foundation Dinner in February—the primary fundraising event for the National Credit Union Foundation.

As ever, the dinner (held annually in conjunction with CUNA’s GAC) included the Herb Wegner Memorial Awards. This year, four giants of the credit union movement received Outstanding Individual Achievement awards, a likening to Mount Rushmore.

I found myself in awe listening to each winner speak of their lifelong passion for the cooperative principles and watching videos that document their impact. What an inspiration each of them is to the global credit union movement.

One particular comment stuck with me. Linda Bodie, CEO + Innovator of Element FCU, said, “The very essence of the credit union mantra has left an indelible mark on my soul…” (in fact, it has left an indelible mark on her body. Watch her story to learn more!) That got me thinking… it’s one thing for each of us—as credit union employees, advocates and evangelists—to feel that way, but do our members?

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