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I’m a maximizer. And I’ve reached my max.

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Full disclosure: I’m new here. I joined the National Credit Union Foundation in mid-December so I’m just a month in.

I would have started a week earlier were it not for a car accident. Everyone is fine, thankfully, but there were loose ends to tidy up, family to take care of, insurance claims etc.

In fact, the accident made me take stock of a few things so before I started my new job, I also got married. Yup. Finally tied the knot to the love of my life. In Las Vegas. After that, we spent some time on the west coast. Oh, and now my husband and I are moving, too.

So that was a car crash, out-of-state wedding, quick pitstop on the beach, house-move and a new job, all during the frenetic holidays.

But that’s me, I’m a maximizer. Someone who thrives on energy, momentum, and doing the most. This would be easy for me. Or so I thought.

This maximizer is at her max.

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