Briant Griffith, CUDE

Director of Marketing and Communications | (608) 381-9031

Brian leads the Foundation’s marketing, communications, and public relations strategy and execution. He brings a background in non-profit advocacy and credit union marketing to this position having most recently worked with Gesa Credit Union in Richland, WA. Brian earned his designation as a CUDE in 2015, and he has also served as a program mentor and summer DE Workshop presenter. Brian is passionate about the cooperative business model and the value it providers consumers. Outside of the credit union space, Brian serves as a Commissioner on the Board of his local Public Housing Authority.

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Get to Know Brian

Passions: Husband. Foodie. Wine enthusiast. Puppy father of two. Traveler. 

Inspiration: Bold individuals who have refused to remain silent when doing so would have been the easy choice.

Favorite food: Pho 

Favorite quote: "True not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” -Helen Keller

First concert: Tori Amos

Did you know?: I have lived in the center of the country (Nebraska) and both coasts (Delaware and Washington.)