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Financial Health

Truth or Fiction: The Real State of Members’ Financial Health 
  • We hear all the national statistics about people living paycheck to paycheck or not having $400 in case of an emergency. Come learn the financial challenges your employees and members are facing and walk away armed with ideas and resources to respond in a way that builds loyalty, employee retention and return on investment.
Health, Wealth & Place: The Data Needed for CU Advocacy
  • Many of the factors of financial success and a healthy life are determined by the zip code where you grew up. Health and wealth are deeply intertwined, and this session helps credit unions understand the current national work to link health and wealth, the language of this work, and why this work is deeply linked to credit union advocacy.
The Strategy for Financial Health
  • Consumer financial health is a hot topic these days. Many credit unions are placing member and employee financial health at the center of their strategy. This session will look at those efforts as well as what’s happening outside the credit union cul-de-sac. Learn how your credit union can transform from a financial services provider to a financial health provider.

Exploring Why

Exploring Empathy
  • You never truly know someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. When your credit union staff Explores Empathy, they will get to experience the Foundation’s Life Simulation to understand who your members are and what they are facing. This half-day session is designed to help credit union employees, volunteers and leadership begin to understand what it might be like to live in a typical low-income family trying to survive from month to month. The simulation is designed to help credit union professionals start to better understand the members they serve, and to help meet members where they are in life.
Exploring Our Roots
  • Credit unions have spent the past 170 years establishing themselves as strong, alternative solutions to for-profit banks. As technology and the pace of change continues to quicken, credit unions cannot forget the core business purpose and principles that got them here. This session provides an overview of important milestones in credit union history and a deep dive into credit unions’ unique value proposition.
Exploring Why
  • The Foundation's Exploring Why Workshop is a customizable experiential training that helps your employees understand the link between your organization and the credit union members and communities you serve. Through a variety of group activities and tailored content, participants will build an understanding of how to leverage credit unions’ unique business model, understand consumer trends, and use emotional intelligence to find new ways of serving the member of tomorrow.

Youth Financial Education

Develop a Classroom of Biz Kid$
  • The average high school student lacks the basic skills to manage personal finances. Discover how to make a lasting change in young people's lives using the Emmy award-winning and credit union branded Biz Kid$ program. Learn how to engage students and help them develop life skills in saving, budgeting, investing, and giving back to the community. This session will introduce attendees to the resources of Biz Kid$ and give them global strategies for using Biz Kid$ in the classroom to change the financial future of the next generation.


Strategic Philanthropy: Mission-Focused Giving & Outreach
  • Credit unions serve as an integral part of the strategic architecture of a community’s financial well-being. Credit unions’ charitable contributions should align with—and advance—their guiding philosophy of helping members improve their financial well-being. This session will discuss how to align education and community work with the mission of your credit union and with efforts that promote financial health.

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