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Share Your Impact & Make an Impact by Inspiring Hope for a Global Community on ICU Day

In celebration of International Credit Union Day on Thursday, October 15, the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions (WF) and the National Credit Union Foundation (the Foundation) are spearheading an initiative for credit unions to share their impact and make an impact through giving.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, credit unions around the globe have continued to serve members and communities in innovative ways that continue to showcase the credit union difference. With the theme of ICU Day 2020 being Inspiring Hope for a Global Community, WF and the Foundation are collaborating on a joint fundraising initiative to support credit unions great work while also encouraging support for the global and national foundation.

We are reaching out to organizations in the movement to post a short video (approximately 30-60 seconds) sharing how you’ve advanced the lives of members, employees or communities during the economic uncertainty wrought by the coronavirus pandemic. Our hope is that by sharing the impact you are making, you will also encourage others to make an impact through philanthropic giving here or by texting “ICUDAY20” to 44-321.

How to get involved:

  1. Simply record a video on your smartphone with staff, members or both highlighting some of the ways you’ve inspired hope for your local community during the pandemic. Then, post it on any of the following social media platforms on Thursday, October 15.
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram

We ask that you include the hashtag #ICUDAY and #CUDifference in your post so we can all share examples of how credit unions helping their local communities through this crisis is inspiring hope for a global community.

  1. Consider a monetary donation that will be split by the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions and the National Credit Union Foundation to continue our critical work in supporting the mission of credit unions globally and nationally. If you cannot contribute, sharing the opportunity with others would be greatly appreciated.

You can also tag us in your videos across any of your social media channels including:



  • @ncufoundation
  • @WOCCU
  • @ChampionsForCUs


  • @nationalcufoundation
  • @woccu


About the National Credit Union Foundation ( 

The National Credit Union Foundation (the Foundation) is the charitable arm of the U.S credit union movement, serving as a catalyst for change in people’s financial lives. The Foundation works to ignite understanding and focus on member financial health, inspire and create opportunities for credit unions to leverage their cooperative values and respond quickly when disaster strikes. Through cooperative support and action, the Foundation helps people achieve financial freedom. 

About the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions ( 

Worldwide Foundation of Credit Unions is both the international development and charitable arm of the World Council of Credit Unions, whose 89-country membership is made up of 34 national associations, three regional associations and six credit owned businesses. Our mission is to improve lives and communities through credit unions.