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History of Herb Wegner and the Herb Wegner Memorial Awards

Herb Wegner speaking at event

Herb Wegner served as CUNA President & CEO from 1971-1979 and during his tenure, he was instrumental in creating several innovative national programs. These included mortgage loans, share drafts, credit cards, mortgage lending, IRAs, ATM networks, corporate credit unions, and many more. But these lists of historical facts are not what made Herb Wegner special. His uniqueness lay in who he was and how that was reflected in what he did. By remembering Wegner’s character, we can see how well recipients of the Herb Wegner Memorial Awards fit into the legacy he left the credit union movement.

Wegner was a man of vision. He saw the credit union movement not as it was but as how it could be. And he was determined to make it that way. Wegner was viewed as a risk taker; many times, taking on an activity that seemed like a lost cause. In today’s credit union environment, Wegner would be out in front leading the charge in many issues facing the credit union movement.

When asked about what he felt was of paramount importance to him in doing his job, he responded, “What is important is the power of our people translated into effective political action to get things done.” It is Wegner’s leadership that we honor, it is his memory we cherish, and it is his legacy that we carry forward to broader, better, and more effective services for credit union members. 

We honor the memory and legacy of Wegner each year at our annual Foundation Dinner, where we present the Herb Wegner Memorial Awards. The awards will be presented on Monday, February 27, 2023, at the Marriott Marquis in Washington, D.C., during CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference. This year, four honorees will receive the award for Outstanding Individual Achievement. Join us as we celebrate these innovators in the credit union movement and secure your seat today.

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