CUAid By The Numbers

Giving Hope When Disaster Strikes

2020 has been HARD. Our credit union family has not only been navigating a pandemic, but many have found themselves faced with natural disasters that uproot their families, their finances and overall well-being. It has been a challenging season with hurricanes impacting the Gulf Coast and wildfires ravaging California, Oregon, Colorado and more.

The Foundation wants to thank everyone who has donated to CUAid this year in the aftermath of these natural disasters. Every dollar makes a difference, and for someone going through something tragic, your donations make a world of difference. When you give to CUAid, you are giving to real people, just like you, who work for a credit union. You help them see that “people helping people” is more than just a saying. Take this credit union employee for example who received a grant after their house was damaged from wildfires:

“Wow, thank you so much for the good news. I am so very appreciative of not only the amazing aid, but simply that the credit union industry cares so much. I have been in credit unions for over 25 years now and the people never cease to amaze me. Please pass on a BIG thank you to all involved with the program and the decision to grant me such a wonderful gift.”

YOU all made that happen. When all seems like it might be lost, the collective generosity of our movement is a beacon of hope. Here is what has been given via CUAid this year to help credit union employees and volunteers:

CUAid 2020 So Far Infographic

The Foundation is dedicated to helping credit union employees and volunteers respond and recover as quickly as possible from disasters. To build upon our CUAid program and meet the needs of our movement, we launched our CUAid Disaster Recovery App. The app is designed to help credit unions prepare for disasters, connect and share critically needed resources with others and report disasters.

The true strength of the app lies within the PREPARE section, which helps your organization strengthen its internal disaster preparedness and resiliency plan. It provides the content for the CONNECT section to help credit unions quickly find needed resources that can be shared between organizations.

If you haven’t already download the app, we highly encourage you to do so. The best time to get prepared is today, and we have resources to help answer any questions you might have about the app. View FAQs, our admin user guide, or our recorded webinar here (password: $v=7jv?X).

Last but definitely not least, the Foundation always accepts donations for CUAid. If you would like more information about the CUAid process and how it works, watch the short video below:

Donations to the general disaster relief fund allow us to quickly disburse funds to our credit union family in need. You can donate to the CUAid disaster relief fund here.

Thank you for your generosity and proving that “people helping people” is so much more than just a saying!