Field Notes Episode 5

Foundation Field Notes Episode 5: Suncoast Credit Union's Employee Resource Center

Improving people’s financial well-being takes creativity, commitment and a culture of service. These are the stories of credit unions and how they are putting people’s financial well-being at the center of their strategy. Shared with you, our credit union family, to inspire you and give you the tools to navigate to the next stop on your own financial well-being journey.

In the fifth episode of our Foundation Field Notes video series, Foundation Executive Director Gigi Hyland speaks with Linda Fales, Community Involvement Officer at Suncoast Credit Union, about the employee resource center available internally to Suncoast employees. Their resource center is stocked with provisions from employees, to employees, with confidentiality.

While we know our credit union members might be experiencing hardships, it’s important to remember that our employees represent our membership and they too might be struggling. This is a great way to promote employee financial well-being and can be replicated at other credit unions.

Foundation Field Notes Episode 5: Suncoast Credit Union's Employee Resource Center

Here are the three main takeaways from the interview:

  1. You can make assumptions about your employees’ financial well-being, believing they’re financially healthy because they work for a credit union, but the only way to really know is to ask.
  2. Just like every member has a story, your employees also have a story and might be experiencing things behind the scenes that affect their financial well-being.
  3. Start with where the need is and build upon it – baby steps forward, keep it simple and learn as you go.
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