2017: A Year of Disasters


2017 was a year of unprecedented disasters. Within a few weeks of each other, we were struck with Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Maria and the California Wildfires.

The Foundation activated CUAid to assist the credit union people affected by these disasters, and the outpouring of support we received was astounding. The credit union community did not hesitate to step up and demonstrate the credit union philosophy of “people helping people”.

Since CUAid was activated, over $2.8 million has been raised for these four disasters – WOW. Thank you to all who donated, you truly made a difference.

Another huge thank you to the four credit union leagues/foundation’s that we worked closely with in order to assist individuals in the affected areas; the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation for Hurricane Maria; Southeastern Credit Union Foundation for Hurricane Irma; the New York Credit Union Association for Hurricane Maria; and the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues for the California Wildfires.

See below for a short video highlighting the work of these four organizations to help credit union people in need: