Foundation Grants

Building Financial Capability
The National Credit Union Foundation funds the efforts of credit unions and other non-profit organizations to help families and individuals build assets and achieve financial security by offering needed products and services, impactful wealth building strategies and progressive financial education programs. Access to the right financial products such as first step transaction services, timely and appropriate lending products and savings programs can move members up a path to financial security.

At the Foundation, we recognize that products alone are not enough to achieve the desired results. Access to information and resources for families to build their financial capability is crucial to successfully building economic security. Over the past ten years, the Foundation has granted $35,000,000 to credit unions and other organizations to start new programs, implement new products and develop education strategies to build a stronger membership and community.

Currently, the Foundation is accepting grant applications from credit unions and non-profit organizations to fund substantive, innovative programs that tie to our vision of making financial freedom achievable through credit unions. Generally, the Foundation funds grant applications of $10,000 or more. Successful applicants will build programs that support financial counseling initiatives, experiential learning programs and the delivery of innovative, ground-breaking financial products that can be scaled and replicated within local communities and across the country and have measurable results and impact.

To learn more and apply, click here to download the grant application.

After completion, send application to Lois Kitsch at

For More Information... Lois Kitsch, National Program Director, at (407) 616-2409 or