The Foundation's Exploring Why™ Workshops

"I've been a credit union member since I was a kid and when you've worked at an organization for as long as I have, you appreciate what credit unions are and what they represent as far as the 'people helping people' philosophy. But the last couple of days through the Exploring Why Workshop catapulted my appreciation and understanding of what we are all about. What an honor it was to take part in a workshop like this." - CUNA Mutual Group employee after attending an Exploring Why Workshop with the Foundation.

The Foundation's Exploring Why™ Workshop is a customizable, experiential training that credit unions and system partners can use to help their employees connect to the credit union difference and discover new ways to drive greater value for your members and organization.

Using core lessons from the Foundation’s signature Credit Union Development Educator (DE) Program as a lens, the Exploring Why™ Workshop provides a unique perspective to better understand the purpose that drives your organization’s efforts now and in the future.

Each workshop can be tailored to fit the needs of a specific organization or audience. Foundation staff will work with you to determine the content and activities that best fit your goals.

Audience: All levels of the company are encouraged to participate, regardless of whether they have direct credit union/member contact or not. Class sizes can range from 25 - 60. This is traditionally offered as an in-person event but there may be digital supporting channels available as well. Please contact the Foundation team for availability.

Core lessons – content can include:
  • Understanding the credit union difference (CU structure, operating principles, history of CUs)
  • Core values assessment to discover alignment between individuals, organizations and the credit union system
  • Overview of the financial health of consumers (data and insights to better understand what members are facing today, root development issues, impact on business)
  • Emotional intelligence in banking (understanding and applying empathy)
  • Review of your organization’s offerings, history, mission, values, goals and strategy to underscore the purpose behind your business and value to credit unions and members.
  • Specific lessons on topics like diversity, equity & inclusion, multicultural outreach, and other business area focuses depending on your organization’s objectives
  • Experiential activities – interactive group activities throughout the workshop that help to connect all of the bulleted items above
Learner outcomes – attendees will leave with a better understanding of:
  • The structural and philosophical differences between CUs and other FIs
  • The purpose of your organization and how to tell that story
  • The connection between your business and member’s financial health
  • How to leverage the credit union difference to find new and better ways to serve people and meet the needs of your bottom line.
  • How their value and roles align with the credit union difference, and the responsibility they have to “live” that difference
Duration and cost options: The Foundation offers half day, one day and two day Exploring Workshops.

For Workshop cost and more information: Contact Chad Helminak, Director of DE & Cooperative Culture, National Credit Union Foundation at or 608.231.4078.

For More Information... Chad Helminak, Director of DE and Cooperative Culture, at (608) 231-4078 or