DE Program Testimonials

What is Credit Union Development Education (DE) Training? Over the years, we've collected hundreds of testimonials and rave reviews from attendees of this unique and transformative training. A sampling is below:

What is DE Training? Staff & Attendees Explain in this Video:

"The Foundation’s DE Training is an immersive experience that connects credit union leaders to the true purpose of credit unions, which distinguishes us from all other financial institutions. DE training was one of the most intensely exhilarating weeks of my professional life. It was nothing I expected and more than I had hoped for.”

Sean Hession, CUDE 2015
Illinois Credit Union League

"The DE program is the future of the credit union movement. It was a very meaningful and humbling experience for me and DE should be required training for every leader within our organizations. I would challenge my fellow CEOs and others to sign up for the next available training to take a deep dive back into the principles and beliefs that have made this movement the success that it is."

Ken Olson, CUDE 2015
Old West Federal Credit Union

“Getting back to our credit union roots and what makes our movement unique was really important to me and I head back to my organization with a clear understanding on how we can do things better. Simply put, I can tell our credit union story better than I ever imagined."

David Hinchey, CUDE 2014
Director of Community Impact
Connecticut Credit Union League

“DE Training is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn deeper and broadly experience the movement you are a part of – more than any other credit union industry education you may ever go through. By mentoring, team-building and engaging in hands-on exercises and simulations, you leave this week-long session as a devoted advocate for credit unions in the U.S., and around the world. You are committed to action – looking at ways to improve our financial cooperative structure and outreach to be the best for our members … now and into the future.”

Debra Trautman, CUDE 2014
Vice President-Corporate Marketing
Maine Credit Union League

"There are a lot of tough decisions having to be made in the credit union industry right now. DE Training is a solid reminder to always ask ourselves ‘What's best for our members?’, and when we keep that as our focus, those tough decisions aren't so tough anymore."

Danielle Frawley, CUDE 2014
Vice President- Marketing & Communications
Fort Community CU

“DE training was an enriching experience that will stay with me for years to come. While I have 35 years of experience in the credit union industry, my week at DE Training re-kindled my passion and spirit for our cooperative movement and roots.”

Laida Garcia, CUDE 2014
floridacentral Credit Union

Testimonial Video

"The passion of all my DE Training classmates and the training material itself really ignited my flame for the credit union movement. I know now this is my calling and where I belong. DE changed my life!”

Brandon Walker, CUDE 2014
Government Affairs Specialist and Credit Union House Manager
Cornerstone Credit Union League

"DE training was hands-down the most educational, inspirational, and emotional training or conference I've ever been fortunate enough to be a part of. I learned of the principles on which credit unions were founded and how these principles should remain at the heart of every decision that we make today. It is not possible to attend this training and not, as a human being, be changed significantly."

Michael Waylett, CUDE 2014
Vision Financial FCU

“While there is certainly substance to the DE program, brought through case studies and projects related to real-world issues facing the credit unions, there is also a robust focus on the philosophy and guiding co-operative principals of the movement. While many of the historical elements of the training were not new to me, the in-depth discussion of how the events of the past are applicable and relevant to current events was stimulating. Participation in programs such as DE training can bring new perspectives to drive innovation or perhaps just rejuvenate a weary soul.”

Greg Michlig, CUDE 2013
New Jersey Credit Union League

“DE Training was a transformational experience for me. It gave me the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best and brightest in the cooperative space and took my mind to places I didn’t think possible. DE has reinvigorated me to share my passion and keep the flame alive for credit unions and cooperatives alike."

Shannon Bradley, CUDE 2013
VP of Member Experience
Pioneer West Virginia FCU

“The DE experience was an opportunity to top off my tank of passion for assisting our members and the communities we serve. Through experiential learning, collaboration, and engaging with bright minds from within and around the credit union industry, the program ignites synergy in many different ways. Together CUDEs will drive the passion that our industry needs to ‘Unite for Good’ and continue to benefit millions of credit union members in this country and around the world.”

Jim Morrell, CUDE 2013
Peninsula Credit Union

"DE training has been the single-most enlightening experience I have had since joining the credit union movement. Regardless of your age, title, experience or where you call home, DE provides exactly what you need to come home energized about the world of possibilities available to credit unions. It’s a wake-up call, a recommitment to our founding principles, and a call to action.”

Stephen Pagenstecher, CUDE 2012
Vice President of Member Relations
Valley Credit Union

“The DE experience has reignited my passion for working in the credit union movement. It has provided a solid foundation with cooperative principles, credit union philosophy and global development issues. I believe that having the knowledge provided by DE combined with the network of other CUDEs, I will now be able to play a more purposeful role in the current and future success of the industry.”

Meghann Dawson, CUDE 2011
Instructional Design Manager
Credit Union National Association (CUNA)

"Participating in the US DE program enabled me to commence applying Caribbean and worldwide experiences of the past 27 years into academic thought and frameworks, especially in the unprecedented trauma facing the global economy and financial sector. The exchange of ideas and perspectives with other development planners and educators enriched knowledge transfers and HR competencies strengthening processes throughout our respective movements. Ultimately, we will change more lives for the better through credit unions – in keeping with World Council's global vision.”

Melvin Edwards, CUDE 2009
Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions (CCCU)

"I am so much more aware of a whole other world, outside my credit union, that is full of folks who need the same services that my members need – specifically, those who are underserved. Individuals who get to participate in this experience become a part of the credit union movement in a different way. This is not just another conference – this is a life-changing event! DE is really about getting down in the dirt.”

Sue Douglas, CUDE 2007
Senior VP/Chief Operating Officer
NC State Employees’ Credit Union

“DE is the only program I am aware of that focuses on making the business case of why cooperative financial services make sense in the larger financial services marketplace. The old adage that ‘philosophy is good business’ is demonstrated time and again in this intensive training.”

Dick Ensweiler, CUDE 1989
Cornerstone Credit Union League

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