Value of DE

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How DE Training has Inspired Change

DE Training has changed people's lives in a variety of ways. See below for stories on how some CUDE's professional and personal lives have changed since attending DE:

Don't Take our Word for it....

What is Credit Union Development Education (DE) Training? Over the years, we've collected hundreds of testimonials and rave reviews from attendees of this unique and transformative training. A sampling is below:

"DE Training was well worth my personal investment of time and energy. As we work hard to advocate and build awareness for credit unions, it's critical that we take time to build our understanding and appreciation of the credit union difference so we can all share that message far and wide."

Jim Nussle, CUDE 2018
President/CEO of Credit Union National Association

"DE was truly a life changing experience for me. The knowledge that I have taken away from this training has empowered me to do anything I can dream of. I have returned to my Credit Union completely renewed and full of passion for my Credit Union and the entire Credit Union Movement. I am honored to have been a part of this training and hope all Credit Union employees can get to this training in their CU career."
Stephanie Dreiling, CUDE 2017
Education Director
Heartland Credit Union
“Having advocated for credit unions at the League level for over 17 years, educating policy makers on how credit unions benefit their members and communities, and having built a pretty decent level of knowledge on issues facing credit unions, I thought DE Training would be a culmination. It is actually a whole new beginning for me – one I feel deeply privileged to be starting.”

Mark Minickiello, CUDE 2017
Vice President of Community Development
Harborstone Credit Union

“DE Training didn’t just give me information on credit union philosophy and principles, it provided me with experiences that will last a lifetime! DE Training had a powerful impact that fueled an even a bigger fire in me to make a difference. DE training gives us purpose and now I’m an advocate of the credit union movement forever.”
Kim Cromer, CUDE 2017
Director of Prepaid Services

"DE was a transformative experience. I have a new appreciation and mission for how my credit union needs to interact and serve within the communities it resides."

Matthew Walusis, CUDE 2017
Cheyenne Financial Services Manager

“DE Training was life altering. I was asked before I went, ‘Are you going to drink the Kool-Aid?’ When I got there I found out there is no Kool-Aid, only caring people who believe in a movement that seeks to lift people up. What better calling is there? Thank you for fanning the flames of possibility and challenging us to do better with what we've got.”

Tom Olney, CUDE 2016
VP Learning Process & Architecture

“DE was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!  I have been renewed and re-energized, ready to incorporate the founding principles into my credit union and my personal life.  I have never been more proud or excited to be part of the credit union movement!”

Jeannie Fye, CUDE 2016
"DE was not a training, nor a conference, nor anything I've experienced before.  It was a recharging, invigorating, in depth experience that challenged the heart, mind and soul of the passion of credit union existence - we all need DE!"

Shannon Duran, CUDE 2015
Senior Vice President/COO
PBC Credit Union

For More Information... Chad Helminak, Director of DE and Cooperative Culture, at (608) 231-4078 or