Your One-stop Shop for Materials on Leveraging the CU Difference

You’re a DE, whether long-time or newly minted, and you need materials to help turn your co-workers into credit union ambassadors. We’ve got your back!

Your employees need to have a good understanding of why credit unions are different and how that translates into serving your members. In order for them to become passionate credit union advocates, they need to be jazzed about working for a credit union, right?

Your Foundation has a deep well of resources you can use to help your employees not only understand the credit union difference but live it. Drawing from our highly-respected and in-demand, Credit Union Development Education (DE) Program, we’ve compiled different sessions – based on the time you have – that you can use to help train your co-workers, board and senior leadership to help them understand how to balance the business and social mission work of credit unions.

Interested in obtaining Leveraging the Credit Union Difference Materials? Please contact Chad Helminak at

Interested in having a Foundation team member do a training like this for you?

Please contact Jenni Speth at or 608-231-4979. Please provide details about the event, length, location, and any other relevant information. We will respond with rates and availability.

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