I-CUDE Designation

Each year in April we reach out to the global DE community to let DEs know that it is time to apply for the International CUDE designation (I-CUDE). Each program will coordinate the efforts to determine which of their DEs have completed the requirements to become an I-CUDE.

The criteria to become an I-CUDE is:
  • Complete your local DE Program
  • Complete an independent studies project appropriate to the learning objectives of the US DE Program – Examples of such programs may include but are not limited to hosting an international delegation, conducting training on cooperative principles and values, doing a domestic or volunteer assignment.
  • Participate in an international program, conference or training opportunity. This may include but is not limited to: an international DE program, an international immersion program, or completing an international volunteer assignment.
  •  Attend WOCCU’s International Conference or a Regional Confederation Conference.
  • Carib DEs – in addition to the above criteria, please note you must have served as a mentor for a Caribbean DE Class. Melvin Edwards can advise on how to reflect this on your application.
For those of you who have completed the requirements to become an I-CUDE, please use this link to access the application. Upon completion, please email it to your local program director:
Each national program director will review their applications, approve (or reject) and then forward to the World Council for final approval. 

The deadline application for 2018 has passed. If you have any questions regarding your application, please reach out Chad Helminak directly or to your program director.

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For More Information...

...contact Chad Helminak, Director of Credit Union Development & Cooperative Values Engagement, at (608) 231-4078 or chelminak@ncuf.coop.