Network & List Serve for DEs - No Longer as of March 30, 2018

New DE Community Coming Soon!

We are very excited to announce that a brand new DE Community will be coming this summer! Over the years, the Listserv has been a key communication platform for DEs across the globe. But, as technology has advanced and our DE Network (now 1800 in the US, approximately 4,500-5,000 worldwide), we have a great opportunity to improve our ability to connect with each other in meaningful ways.

That said, our DE Listserv is offline as of March 30 and we will be transitioning to a web-based community platform this summer. Overall, it will provide DEs with:
  • Greater control over the discussions you participate in. Our new platform will allow for traditional forum discussion (visit, log-in, comment) but it also provides email digests, the ability to respond to specific discussions via email and notifications when someone replies to a conversation you’re active in.
  • The ability to create subgroups for more targeted and purposeful connectivity. With our new DE platform, we’ll be able to also set up groups and discussions based on class year, location, expertise, or around specific events such as DE Day of Service.
  • Support for the completion of DE projects and sharing of best practice. Our new DE community will allow us to house and manage resources/best practice for DEs, and be a source for feedback for DEs who are facing barriers or challenges to completing their DE project.
Please note: With the launch of the new DE community in summer and our listserv going offline on March 30, we’ll have a brief period where DEs will be unable to send blanket messages to the entire DE Network. During this time, please email Chad Helminak at and/or Lacey Yasick at if you need information on how to reach an individual or specific group of DEs. If you have any critical messages to share with the entire DE network, please contact us and we’ll find a way to share it through our channels.
After credit union professionals complete DE Training, they are offered access to the DE Network & DE List Serve.

The purpose of the DE List Serve & DE Network is to provide a forum for open discussion of ideas and issues related to credit union development, and is intended for sharing of information and/or requests that will be of interest to the majority of Development Educators (DEs) around the world.

For More Information... Chad Helminak, Director of Credit Union Development & Cooperative Values Engagement, at (608) 231-4078 or

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Click Above to Join the DE Facebook Group (approval required)