Network & List Serve for DEs

After credit union professionals complete DE Training, they are offered access to the DE Network & DE List Serve.

The purpose of the DE List Serve & DE Network is to provide a forum for open discussion of ideas and issues related to credit union development, and is intended for sharing of information and/or requests that will be of interest to the majority of Development Educators (DEs) around the world.

DE List Serve

The DE List Serve is a centralized list of e-mail addresses used for group discussions. You must subscribe or be added to the list serve before you can use it. Because this is a private list (available only to DEs), your subscription must also be approved by the list administrator.

Once you've subscribed, using a list serve is almost like using regular e-mail, except that instead of sending messages to an individual, you send messages to a special list serve address. The list serve then sends your message to every subscriber on the list, who can in turn reply back to the list serve.

To send a message to all subscribers on CUDExchange, just send an email to:

Your message will be delivered to all subscribers on the list. Only send messages that you want posted to the entire list.

> Click Here for Complete DE List Serve Rules & How-To's

DE Network

The DE Network is an online social network (similar to Facebook or LinkedIn), which is a work in progress and is meant to evolve over time to meet the needs of DEs. Like the list serve, the network is private and only available to DEs. You must be approved by an administrator before setting up your profile (please make sure to add your picture and other info about yourself after you join).

More info about the Network:
  1. Solid Content & Forum: The Network allows the Foundation and DEs to post information relevant to DEs, their credit unions and credit union organizations. The Network also helps us share DE projects, information relevant to our movement, DE training information, meeting logistics and other useful information. The Network also allows DEs to share files, photos and other information not available in list serve communications.
  2. Events and a Calendar: The Network offers a calendar of events that include both local and national events related to DE. Please check out the calendar to see if your DE event has been posted.
  3. Blogs - Each DE can also have their own blog and post about recent CU experiences, events, etc. Your blog can stimulate conversation about topics relevant to DE and the credit union community in a longer format. This can be accessed by visiting "my page" then "blog posts" on the left margin under your picture. There are also daily blog posts about each DE training.
  4. Groups - DEs can join targeted groups to network around particular areas (regional, class, expertise, etc)

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For More Information... Lacey Yasick, Marketing & Communications Manager, at or (608) 231-4397.

Click Above to Join the DE Facebook Group (approval required)
Click Above to Join the DE Facebook Group (approval required)