Utilize Biz Kid$

A Biz Kid$ kid saving money using her piggy bank

There are many ways you can utilize Biz Kid$ in your financial education outreach.  Here are just a few ideas: 

  • Include a link to the Biz Kid$ website on your credit union website.

  • Use Biz Kid$ episodes and lesson plans as part of your classroom presentations.

  • Host a Biz Kid$ viewing party or movie night at your credit union.

  • Donate DVD box sets to schools and/or host a Biz Kid$ train the trainer session for local teachers.

  • Donate DVD box sets to your local library and/or host a Biz Kid$ education session at your library.

  • Work with local youth agencies such as Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, etc. and offer education sessions using Biz Kid$ materials.

  • Sponsor a Biz Kid$ Business Plan competition. 

  • Use Biz Kid$ in after school programs or summer camps. 

  • Play Biz Kid$ episodes in the children’s area of your credit union.

  • Show a Biz Kid$ episode and do an activity from the lesson plan as part of “Take Your Child to Work Day”.

  • Host a Biz Kid$ piggy bank/treasure hunt in your local schools.  Click here for a toolkit. (Also, click here to learn how Atomic CU leveraged this idea for a piggy bank hunt in the summer)

  • Get some ideas from our Biz Kid$ Financial Education grantees.

  • Check out the "Teaching Kids about Money with Biz Kid$" podcast with Foundation staff to learn more about the program & different ways to leverage it. Also, see how San Diego County CU leverages Biz Kid$ in this podcast.

For More Information & Questions...

...contact Danielle Brown, National Program Director, at (608) 231-4353 or dbrown@ncuf.coop.