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Putting Your Staff & Members First During COVID-19

The Foundation is regularly updating this page with new resources and knowledge as things change during the current pandemic.

Curating Resources to Help Your Credit Union

We know there many resources circulating surrounding COVID-19 and it can be hard to sort through the noise at times. We are facing challenges that we haven’t seen before, but throughout history, credit unions have made it through difficult times by adhering to our cooperative business principles. As the leaders in credit union member and employee financial health & well-being, we want to provide you with what we believe to be the most helpful resources to help your organization right now.

Latest Updates to Share

  • The Foundation worked with supporter BECU to hold a 5-part webinar series and scale the empathy lessons within their organization.
  • Low-cost masks, hand sanitizer, and other protective equipment have been made available to credit unions thanks to a recent collaboration of the National Credit Union Foundation, state credit union league foundation, and the company Geiger. Order Personal Protection Equipment here and a portion of every sale will be donated to your state credit union foundation for the benefit of the credit union community. If your state does not have a foundation, the donation will be made to the Foundation.
  • The Foundation and CUNA partnered to host an eSchool on putting empathy into action during the pandemic. All four sessions were recorded and can be viewed by registering here.
  • CUNA Senior Policy Analyst Samira Salem hosted a videocast where she discussed DEI and how the current pandemic is affecting people of color and low-income individuals disproportionately.

Resources to Help You Navigate During This Time

What About CUAid?

CUAid™ harnesses the cooperative generosity of our system to get credit union employees and volunteers back on their feet so they can serve members. CUAid™ was designed to respond to regional disasters where one part of the country needs help and the rest of us can support our credit union family in that area. And it’s worked well through hurricanes, wildfires, tropical storms and even the Oklahoma bombing 20 years ago that so deeply affected three credit unions. It wasn’t built for a national state of emergency like the one our entire country is currently experiencing and it does not fall under our guidelines.

Resources for Younger Members

With kids spending more time than usual and home in front of the TV, the Foundation wants to provide you with resources to share with staff and members to help kids learn about finances, entrepreneurship and building a better financial future.

The Foundation is the proud steward of Biz Kid$, a national financial education initiative that teaches kids about money and business. And, even better, Biz Kid$ is exclusively funded and branded by credit unions! We have created an online community to easily package and share Biz Kid$ resources with credit unions.

If you’d like to learn more about Biz Kid$ and how to use it in a virtual setting, click here to view our recent webinar (password: 6e*y+?8i).


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