Community Investment Fund & Charitable Donation Account

Invest in Credit Unions and Support National and State Initiatives

CIF is an Easy Way to Make a Big Difference

The Community Investment Fund (CIF) is the the Foundation's primary funding mechanism for national and state programs benefiting credit unions and their members. By investing in CIF, you help to expand the capacity of credit unions to serve members and communities, while earning a return for your credit union.

How it Works
Credit unions investing in the CIF receive 50 percent of the dividend of their investment. The remaining 50 percent is distributed to the Foundation, half of which the Foundation returns, pro-rata, to the leagues or foundations of investment origin.

Community Investment Fund

Partnership Programs for New Investments
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Designated Funds for Investments
In addition to the Foundation's general fund, the following designated funds are available:
  • Callahan Legacy Fund - Emphasizes financial education
  • International Development Fund - Supports Initiatives Abroad
  • Pete Crear Fund - Helps AACUC Deliver on its Promise
  • Credit Union Development Education (DE) Fund - Supports DE Training Program
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Charitable Donation Account (CDA)

The CDA is a hybrid investment available through MEMBERS Trust Company which grants a federal credit union expanded investment powers to fund charitable contributions.   

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For More Information... Danielle Brown, Development & Donor Relations Director, at (608) 556-2406 or