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Murmurings Podcast #5 – Credit Unions Care from Karen Hart & Cornerstone CU League


On this podcast, we talk to Karen Hart from the Cornerstone Credit Union League, who helped inspire the league to launch a new effort called Credit Unions Care to help raise awareness for credit unions, drive community engagement, increase fundraising for Children’s Miracle Network and Purple Heart Homes, and execute 10 CU Rides (motorcycle rides) in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Credit Unions Care recently received the Credit Union Development Education (DE) Program Cooperative Spirit Award, which honors a group of individuals for a project that has made a significant difference to a community, school, a credit union or the greater credit union movement. We talk to Karen about the DE Program, Credit Unions Care’s genesis and impact, and much more.

“I hope I have the chance to make a difference in somebody else’s life. And I think that’s what credit unions give us the ability to do is to get out in our community and make a bigger difference for this world that we get to occupy for this short period of time.” – Karen Hart

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