The Proof in the Pudding

National News Spotlight

Credit Unions Seek Payday Loan Consumers

NCUF innovation grantee North Side Community Federal Credit Union in Chicago was featured on Morning Edition of National Public Radio (NPR).

In her story, NPR news reporter Cheryl Corley said credit unions are offering small loans at margins that will make them unsustainable. She suggested that this is more of a community service than a profitable financial institution product.

But Ed Jacob, CEO of North Side Community Federal Credit Union, said credit unions have to see a bigger picture. "The way I've got to view this is I'm going to help this person right now, and then we're going to help this person on a better path to a better financial future. And in two years, maybe they need an auto loan. And in four years, maybe they need a mortgage loan."

Read or listen to the whole NPR story.

Dozens of National Credit Union Foundation grantees can tell success stories. Here are a few in multimedia.

Three NCUF grantees gave presentations in a session at the Credit Union National Association's Governmental Affairs Conference. You can view their multimedia presentations by clicking the following links:

Rich Jones, Elevations Credit Union, Colorado

Joanne Fillwock, Option 1 Credit Union, Michigan

Ed Jacob, North Side Community Federal Credit Union, Illinois

These are Microsoft Producer files, which are videos that should play automatically in your Internet Explorer browser. Each presentation will allow you to view the presenter and their powerpoint simultaneously.

Watch this video that tells the story of a payday lending victim who became a financially literate credit union member:

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Latino Community Credit Union, Durham, North Carolina
For immigrants looking to live the American dream, NCUF supported a full-scale mortgage program at Latino Community Credit Union. NCUF’s grant helped staff all branches with fully-trained mortgage officers, provide bilingual materials, and approve and close mortgages for first-time homebuyers.

Bear Paw Credit Union, Havre, Montana
On the desperately underserved Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, NCUF funding enabled Bear Paw Credit Union to place the first ATM serving tribal members and establish the only financial institution office on the reservation.

Prospera Credit Union, Appleton, Wisconsin
Here’s a new way to reach people of modest means: NCUF funded this first credit union branch in a Goodwill store. Prospera Credit Union’s partnership with Goodwill Industries of Northeast Wisconsin could serve as a model for other credit unions to place branches in their local Goodwill outlets.

Syracuse Cooperative Federal Credit Union, Syracuse, New York
What do 14-year-old high school freshmen have in common with the 20-year-old working mothers at Syracuse Cooperative Federal Credit Union’s Life Skills course? They all want to move out of their parents’ house someday. With help from the credit union and a program funded by NCUF, they now have the skills to take charge of their own financial future.

CU Housing Partners, Tampa, Florida
NCUF grantees are proving that the more partners you bring to a project, the more dreams you can fulfill. Partnering with the US Department of Agriculture, the Florida Home Partnership, and a county-wide rural development agency, CU Housing Partners helped build an entire subdivision for lowincome families. Residents used “sweat equity” to keep the homes affordable. Now children take part in an annual tree-planting ceremony to symbolize their hope for the future.

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Watch an excerpt from the NCUF DVD below, highlighting three Foundation-funded programs:

Innovation Grantee Shares Business Strategy

HarborOne Credit Union in Brockton, Massachusetts is sharing its business strategy
to deliver human services as well as financial services.

HarborOne Credit Union's MultiCultural Center is a model to deliver services needed for credit unions to help new immigrants assimilate into America and ultimately build financial relationships.

The effectiveness of the MultiCultural Center's assimilation programs as well as financial services are also documented in member testimonials provided for NCUF's 2008 Annual Report.

In the photo below, students celebrate graduation from a course at HarborOne Credit Union's MultiCultural Center. Courses includes English as a second language, citizenship information and job training, as well as financial education.

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Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Sites Successful in Montana

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Click here to see this success story!