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Are you a CUDE & interested in being a mentor?

The mentor role is key to the success of the program.
Please review the mentor job description. Then complete the mentor application and send to Lois Kitsch at if you are interested.

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Become an international Development Educator!

How to Earn an International DE Designation:

1. Complete a local DE program to build a solid foundation.
2. Complete an independent studies project appropriate to the learning objectives of the same programs as approved by the International DE Council.
3. Participate in an international program, conference or training opportunity. This may include but is not limited to: an international DE program, an international emersion program, or completing an international volunteer assignment.
4. Attend WOCCU’s International Conference or a Regional Confederation Conference.
Become an International Development Educator!

Credit Union Development Education (DE)

Upcoming DE Training & CUDE Event Dates


Winter 2015 DE Training
January 14-21, 2015
Dallas, TX

Spring 2015 DE Training
April 29-May 6, 2015
Madison, WI
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2015 International DE Workshop (for CUDEs)
July 9-12, 2015
Denver, CO
In conjunction with the co-hosted America's Credit Union Conference and World Credit Union Conference. Registration coming in Spring 2015.

Fall 2015 DE Training
September 9-16, 2015
Madison, WI
Registration coming in early 2015. Stay tuned!

If you are interested in attending Fall DE Training in 2015 (or even DE Training in 2016), please email us at to be put on a notification list. We'll make sure you are the first to know when registration for the trainings opens up!

44 CU Professionals Become CU Development Educators (CUDEs) After Completing “Life-Changing” Program

Forty-four credit union professionals became certified Credit Union Development Educators (CUDEs) last week after being guided by eight dedicated program facilitators and mentors through the intensive Credit Union Development Education (DE) Training from the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF). The Fall DE training was held September 10-17, 2014 at the Lowell Center on the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison, Wis.

After attending the Fall DE Training, Laida Garcia, NCUF Chairman and President/CEO of floridacentral Credit Union in Tampa, Fla, said, “NCUF’s DE training was an enriching experience that will stay with me for years to come. While I have 35 years of experience in the credit union industry, my week at DE Training re-kindled my passion and spirit for our cooperative movement and roots.”
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CUDEs: Making a Difference for Over 30 YearsWhile it has been making a difference for over 30 years, many credit union professionals have never heard of the Credit Union Development Education (DE) training program.

We want to change that – because DE training is more critical now than ever!
Click to see the Strategy & Business article, "Not Just for Profit."Why? Part of the answer can be found in the Spring 2009 issue of the nationally recognized Strategy & Business Magazine. An article headlined Not Just for Profit predicts that alternatives to the stockholder-centric business model will arise from the current economic crisis… and contribute more to the future of the world.

The Strategy & Business article focuses on the value of “hybrid” business models -- like cooperative credit unions -- that don’t feel short-term stockholder pressures. Rather, credit unions maintain a “mission controlled, for benefit” focus that provides socially responsible governance and solutions for consumers.

This empowers credit unions to achieve a “triple bottom line” that benefits their business, their members, and their communities.
DE Training incorporates this emerging discussion while continuing to provide critical lessons in cooperative principles, credit union philosophy, and the member-centric business model that has enabled credit unions to weather the economic storm better than most for-profit institutions.

“This year more than ever, it is critical for credit unions to leverage their unique business model in order to make a greater bottom-line impact,” emphasized REAL Solutions Program Director Lois Kitsch.

Who Should Attend – And Why

DE training is open to everyone from new employees who need a credit union orientation to seasoned executives who need to recharge. Participants cite many benefits of attending DE training:

  • Graduates acquire skills in credit union outreach initiatives, problem solving, technical assistance, team building, and public presentations.

  • Graduates earn certification as Credit Union Development Educators (CUDEs). They join a networking group including over 1,100 graduates across America and 34 other countries.

  • CUDEs realize that local issues are indeed global – and that credit unions grow stronger by working cooperatively.

  • CUDEs return to their jobs with new understanding of how to promote cooperative principles and credit union values as distinct advantages in today’s competitive financial services marketplace.

  • CUDEs become passionate advocates of the credit union philosophy, which boosts employee motivation, creativity and a deeper commitment to their credit union organization and the movement.

    “All financial institutions offer a commodity,” points out 2008 CUDE Lily Newfarmer, president/CEO of Tarrant County Credit Union. “We are all trying to get the same loans, checking accounts, etc. What sets credit unions apart from our fierce competition are our cooperative principles and credit union philosophy. If we don’t embrace these differences and show our members that we’re better because we’re unique, our very existence is in jeopardy.”
  • What Sustains Us

    The Credit Union Development Education (DE) program is sustained by a corps of volunteers dedicated to growing the credit union movement by assisting credit unions in the delivery of our core philosophy.

    Linking our past with credit unions' present, the DE program brings renewed relevance to the philosophy of "People Helping People."

    Through discussions of cultures and movements in developing nations, our own roots are brought to vivid life. Through presentations on community development and low-income credit unions, a new light is shed on the inherent power of our cooperative structure. And through group work, participants learn practical lessons on diversity and relying on others to solve problems.

    When DE training is over, graduates return to their jobs revitalized. They gain a clear understanding that local issues are indeed global, and that credit unions have the unique ability to improve the lives of people everywhere.

    Every year, people from all parts of the world become certified as Credit Union Development Educators (CUDEs). These individuals commit volunteer and professional time to take the credit union message to audiences throughout the world. In addition to promoting the credit union ideal, continuing involvement in the DE program provides CUDEs with an excellent opportunity for career development and personal enrichment.

    Becoming a CUDE is a commitment -- a very rewarding one. Staff and volunteers alike can benefit from participation in this innovative learning experience and joining the proud ranks of CUDEs around the world.

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    Who Supports Us

    Click to see three ways you can support NCUF....The National Credit Union Foundation is the primary sponsor of the Credit Union Development Education program.

    Support is provided by state credit union foundations and leagues, CUNA Mutual Group, the Credit Union National Association, and the World Council of Credit Unions.