News Now: Biz Kid$ Piggy Hunt Teaches Financial Literacy

Josh Allison, relationship development manager at Horizon CU, Spokane, Wash., developed the Biz Kid$ Piggy Hunt, which incorporates materials from the Biz Kids$ financial literacy initiative to engage children and adults. Here, a group of teachers work on the hunt.

From CUNA News Now - Biz Kid$, a financial literacy initiative that teaches kids about money and business, is now part of a treasure hunt for financial literacy. The Biz Kid$ Piggy Hunt is a collaboration of Biz Kid$ and Horizon CU of Spokane, Wash.

Josh Allison, relationship development manager at Horizon CU, created the treasure hunt to connect with local schools to spread the message of financial literacy as a way to engage children.

Every week clues are left for students to find a hidden piggy bank. The clues lead to teachers, who have Biz Kid$' financial literacy worksheets and assignments for students to complete. When students complete the assignments, they receive the next clue, and continue hunting.

Students are given special piggy hunt passports to track their progress through Biz Kid$ clips and corresponding worksheets. The first student to make it through the worksheets and find the hidden piggy bank is awarded a cash prize from the student's credit union.

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